OpenDingux port by Shin-NiL

Shin-NiL ported the EasyRPG Player to OpenDingux (original post) (#169). This allows running games on the open source handhelds Dingoo and GCW Zero. For optimal performance the GCW Zero is recommended.

Dingoo and GCW Zero running EasyRPG Player
A Dingoo A320 and a GCW Zero running EasyRPG Player and TestGame.

The port was added to the download section.

Installation instructions:

  • RPG2K games: Copy the RTP files to /usr/local/home/.easyrpg/rtp2k
  • RPG2K3 games: Copy the RTP files to /usr/local/home/.easyrpg/rtp2k3
  • (Dingoo only) Copy EasyRPG and files into the game folder (the folder where RPG_RT.exe is)
  • (Dingoo only) Run the script
  • (GCW-Zero only) Copy the desired game to your device (this folder name must not contain blank spaces)
  • (GCW-Zero only) Run EasyRPG then navigate into the game folder and select the RPG_RT file to play

Now is your turn dear reader. Do it like Shin-NiL and port the Player, too. How about PSP or Android? ;)