EasyRPG Player for PS Vita

Rinnegatamante is still on porting spree and ported the Player to another platform: The PS Vita (requires the HENkaku exploit). As usual you find the download in the Download section (Continuous builds Other).

The hardware of the PS Vita is on-par with 3DS hardware (even though the Vita only has 444 Mhz), the games run quite smooth and there shouldn’t be big performance problems in most games.

Basicly everything should run (in worst case with some lag), all audio formats are supported.


Place the games (the folder with the RPG_RT.ldb) in subdirectories of ux0:/data/easyrpg-player, then you can pick them using the game browser.

The RTP (RPG Maker 2000/2003 Runtime Package) should be placed in ux0:/data/easyrpg-player/rtp/2000 and ux0:/data/easyrpg-player/rtp/2003

Reporting bugs

This is a community provided port without official support. If you think you found a bug please verify that it also occurs in the official versions (e.g. on Windows or Linux). If this is the case please report an issue. If you can’t reproduce it this must be a Vita only bug. Please report it to Rinnegatamante instead. He also has a compatiblity list there and would be happy when you contribute.

Video link