Mid 2012 “we’re alive” report

Hi all. We apologize for the lack of updates last 6 months.

We’re busier than ever, even to write this. So, let’s see what’s new since the end of 2011:


  • Moved upstream code to GitHub. [Falc]
  • Added Jenkins build automation system. [take-cheeze]
  • Made optional most CMake build requirements. [take-cheeze, fdelapena]
  • Added GNU build system, to (cross-)compile with ./configure and make. [fdelapena]
  • Wiki documentation updates, add README files. [fdelapena]

EasyRPG Readers:

  • Created python script to (re)generate reader structure with CSV files. [glynnc]

EasyRPG Player:

  • Emulation bug fixes. [Ghabry]
  • Automated nightly builds for PSP and Linux (32 bit). [take-cheeze]

EasyRPG Editor:

  • Initial painting tool. [Elektranox, Falc]
  • Code rewrite. [Falc]

EasyRPG TestGame:

  • Added more image and screen related operations. [elsemieni]
  • Added more tests and RPG_RT.exe stub. [Ghabry]

Things on the way (not in upstream master branch yet):

  • Player: Add debugger (F9 screen). [Ghabry]
  • Web: New end user website. [Falc, fdelapena]
  • Editor: Improve painting tool and major code rewrite. [Falc]
  • Player: Android port. [fdelapena]
  • TestGame: Make it RTP aware, separate 2000 and 2003 projects. [fdelapena]

Wanna help? Contact us via blog comments, forums, or IRC channel.