EasyRPG Player “Pincer Attack – Patch 3”

This release was unplanned but we introduced a regression in that we have to fix. Next time we will be a bit more conservative in backporting fixes :(. But this is for-sure the last patch release. The next release will be huuuge.

Regressions fixed

The implementation of Skill reflection crashed the Player when the skill had no target, e.g. when it was a skill that just toggled a switch. This broke directly the first battle in OFF. (#2342)


The correct default state rank B instead of C is now used for enemy damage calculation. (#2332)

Damage calculation for states is now more correct: The damage/recovery is rounded down. (#2343)

For Developers

The Player compiles now on the Haiku operating system. (#2359)

When using vcpkg and CMake 3.15 or newer the detection whether a shared or a static runtime (/MD vs /MT) shall be used is now autodetected via MSVC_RUNTIME_LIBRARY. (#2267)

CMake will not download the TestGame via git anymore. The motivation here was years ago that we want to use the TestGame for unit and regression testing but this never happened.

libretro build improvements (#2267)

libretro-common was updated to the latest commit.

The libretro core builds now on MacOS (Foundation Framework was not linked) and on Windows when Visual Studio is used (pthread dependency removed).

The CMake option PLAYER_BUILD_LIBLCF always builds now a static library. Before it inherited BUILD_SHARED_LIBS which was already used by libretro for building a shared library core.

Position independent code is now enabled when a shared library core is built. (#2353)