EasyRPG Player for Windows RT (ARM)

We got a request if we could provide EasyRPG Player binaries for Windows RT (ARM). You can get them in the download section under “contributed ports” because we provide this without any support. Creating this port didn’t require much effort because it is highly similar to the other Windows builds.

This port is probably of not much interest for most users because Windows RT does only allow signed desktop apps and Windows store apps. To run the Player your system must run in test mode. Running in test mode is not supported by Microsoft, do it at your own risk!

As usual this was also integrated in the Jenkins build service (and of course in the download section under “Continuous builds”).  We don’t have any system with Windows RT, but the build system is almost the same as for the other Windows systems, it should “just work” without further maintenance.

You are a developer and want to maintain a port for another system? Feel free to contact us!



  • The RTP installer won’t run under Windows RT. Install the RTP on your normal Windows system and copy the installed files on your Windows RT system.
  • For RPG2K games: Set the environment variable RPG2K_RTP_PATH to the RPG Maker 2000 RTP path
  • For RPG2K3 games: Set the environment variable RPG2K3_RTP_PATH to the RPG Maker 2003 RTP path


  • Same as for Windows: Copy the games anywhere and PlayerArm.exe in the game directory (or one directory above to use the game browser)
EasyRPG Player running on Windows RT
EasyRPG Player running on Windows RT