Bugfix Release 0.1.1 (EV0002)

As promised we want to speed up our release process. Today we want to release a minor update that fixes some bugs that were encountered in EV0001, so this is basicly EV0002 and provides some additional features.

If you don’t want to read about the changes you can grab the program directly in our download section.

Now the changelog:

  • Linux: Support for detecting the RTP path by reading the Wine Windows registry (this means you can install the RTP via Wine)
  • Fixes for the Android build system (still not working, are you an Android developer? Contact us!)
  • Wii support
  • Windows 98 support (compile with VS2005)
  • For developers: Switched to Javadoc comment style and updated Doxygen documentation with new features (e.g. call graphs) (issue #67)

Gameplay related: (when this fixes an issue in a specific game it is mentioned in [brackets])

  • Fake Battle System. The battle itself doesn’t work but you can select the outcome (Victory, Defeat (only for scripted defeats, doesn’t trigger a Game over) and Escape). Far away from being perfect but better then terminating like in 0.1
  • Fix integer overflow on large maps (resulting in incorrect passability checks)[Hero’s Realm]
  • Don’t restart BGM if the song is the same [Hero’s Realm]
  • Fix passability check for event layer chipset tiles (issue #121) [Dragon Warrior 1 Remix]
  • Fix transparency of autotiles (resulted in an orange tileset when parallax backgrounds were used, issue #104) [Dragon Slayer Gaiden] [Yumme Nikki]
  • When a party member is on the maximum level, instead of displaying “——–” the current experience is displayed now, because this was confusing
  • Adjusting music volume (needs support in SDL_mixer, probably not working for all files)
  • MessageBoxes close now when a wait event occurs, should fix many not closing message boxes
  • Experience and Level system implemented
  • Switch command: Fixed indirect switch setting via variable
  • States (Death, Poison, …): Display correct state in menu
  • Fix item count underflowing (from 0 to 99) when an item that the player didn’t have was decresed
  • Fix change hero sprite command
  • Move event: Player transparency

The Player is still not suitable for daily use, please report any bugs you encounter in games so we can make it better. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Bugfix Release 0.1.1 (EV0002)”

  1. Hi, nice progress guys. I can’t get passed the tittle screen though but I’m sure everything will come together eventually. I was wondering if you guys were planning to support DynRpg commands (an sdk by Cherry). I ask because DynRpg replaces RPG_RT so I would think it would be incompatible with easyRPG’s player. Thanks and please keep up the good work. I’m sure there are many of us watching this project closely!

    1. Hello, thx for your comment.
      Can you name the game that hangs after the title screen? That a game doesnt work at all is unexpected.

      I know about DynRPG and it’s really cool but a nightmare for EasyRPG to support. It can load (dll) libraries and these files are Windows specific. Besides being a RPG_RT replacement the Player is also plattform independend so loading libraries dynamically is not suitable.
      But some commonly used DynRPG plugins (or other patches for RPG_RT like PicPointer, Destiny, …) could be directly compiled into the Player later (or a game developer alters the sourcecode of Player to alter some behaviour). But adding support for patches is currently out of scope, we want to get full support for normal RPG_RT first.

      1. Hi, it’s a game I am currently making. I retested it and it seems like it hangs but if I push the accept button the game proceeds. This happens during my intro when I have a series of pictures being displayed with an auto start event as I have some sprites walking in the background. So it works although it seems I have to push accept periodically, I didn’t realize that before when I said it didn’t load, sorry.

        I totally agree full support for the original first is the right way to go. I suppose I was just wondering about future compatibility for my game and others if I was to try and convert over to EasyRPG when it is finished if we had used stuff like the text plugin and how it works with comments. But I suppose its too early to be asking about that.

        Either way thanks!

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