EasyRPG Player 0.3.2 “Hornet”

This was a quick one. In 0.3.1 we found a critical bug that hung the Player when loading some maps. This version is codenamed “Hornet” because that’s the 3rd enemy in the official English RPG Maker 2000, in Don’s translation the 3rd one is “Spider”.

Besides this crash fix we also introduced some other improvements that didn’t finish on time before 0.3.1: Battle animations finally work as expected everywhere, this includes animations on the whole screen and animation on targets, additionally sound effects and flash effects are executed now (#365, #574)

Another interesting one broke ゆめ2っき (Yume2kki). This game faded out the screen at the beginning and then showed a message box which got instantly closed using “\^” and showed the screen again. So this message box was never visible and completely useless (same for the fade out/in), but the Player had a bug that had the closing logic of the window in the drawing code which was never called because it is faded out. Now the closing logic is in the normal update loop and the game finally starts. It seems this game was designed on purpose to break the Player :D. (#577)

Music was not playing in the battle in OFF. The cause for this was that many parts of the Player code used the Database default music/sound effects and not the ones in the savegame data (the ones that can be altered via events). A gigantic “Search & Replace” resolved this issue everywhere. (#581)

Another annoying bug that crashed the Player randomly after ending a battle since a long time and nobody ever found a reason for is #580. But the cause is finally found: It happens when a battle animation plays on the map while the battle is started. But this is finally resolved so you must not be afraid of that crash anymore :)

Games that used bitmaps with a width that was not a multiple of four were rendered incorrectly. This affected the game “Mimicry Man”. (#583)

liblcf got some more chunks documented. These chunks are not yet used by the Player, but will be in a future release. Thanks to Cherry for the help! (#152)


10 thoughts on “EasyRPG Player 0.3.2 “Hornet””

  1. Congrats! I am always super excited to see brand new
    versions of this extraordinary software released! You all are such
    a big help. Allllll around the world! I can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Hi,

    so far so good I’d say…
    I used the newest version from EasyRPG from Androids “PlayStore” to try my fav “Unterwegs in Düsterburg”.
    Really impressed.

    It seems all has to come to an end at some point, no ?
    At the scene where Libra, Grandy, Dankwart and Julie enter the haunted house (youknowtheone), the game displays a cutscene…
    After the scene, EasyRPG hangs up and you will have to force close it.
    => The game is unplayable after this point.

    Trying to load the same EasyRPG on the PC will resume the cutscene without problem..
    – the character animation is gone (a ghost buhhh)
    – saving the file on the pc will result in a corrupt save

    My configuration:
    – LG G3 D588 (rooted.. if that matters)
    – Android 4.4.2

    If needed, I can send you the save file in question

    1. Is that the scene where Libra and Grandy enter a trance when they step in a room? If that’s so, the next release and the latest nightly build will have this issue fixed.

          1. Well it was great while it lasted… I encountered two major bugs, one of one prevents you doing a certain route for castle Rabenstein (killing incomplete Lynthia), the other one though is completely game-breaking:

            During the fight with Wahnfried, while Dankwart is trying to destroy the time-manipulation machine, the game just randomly crashes after a few turns and the app returns to game selection screen.

            If you want to look into it, I can provide a savegame very near to the issue.

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