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The Player arrives on a new platform: The Nintendo 3DS. As usual for such ports you need a console with homebrew support to launch it. You can grab a 3dsx and a CIA in our Download section (Continuous builds Other).

The biggest part of the porting work was done by Rinnegatamante. Without his help the port would be still a slow, silent and crashing prototype. Thanks a lot.

Due to 3DS hardware limitations lags and slowdowns should be expected. The Old 3DS can handle many games but playing it on the New 3DS will be more fun.


The same rules as for the Wii version apply: Place the game (the folder with the RPG_RT.ldb) directly in the 3dsx folder to launch the game standalone otherwise place the games in subdirectories to use a game browser.

The CIA searches for games in the folder sdcard:/3ds/easyrpg-player.

The RTP (RPG Maker 2000/2003 Runtime Package) should be placed in /data/rtp/2000 and /data/rtp/2003

You can create your own standalone games by embedding a game into the romfs. See this tutorial for instructions.

Known issues

File input/output is very slow. Games that load many graphics or sounds will have a very heavy slowdown.

MP3 and MIDI audio are not supported yet. This will come in another release in May, stay tuned.

Reporting bugs

This is a community provided port without official support. If you think you found a bug please verify that it also occurs in the official versions (e.g. on Windows or Linux). If this is the case please report an issue. If you can’t reproduce it this must be a 3DS only bug. Please report it to Rinnegatamante instead.


Yume Nikki on Nintendo 3DS
Yume Nikki on Nintendo 3DS

You want to port to a platform that isn’t supported by Player yet? Contact us!

23 thoughts on “Player for Nintendo 3DS”

  1. i love you guys so much! this is literally what i have been searching for for so long!

  2. Some Silly Person Who Likes a Game that takes 30 minutes to complete, maybe says:

    Umm.. I don’t know how much work you put into this, and I have yet to try it.. but..
    I think it seems really cool.
    Thank you, to all who contributed.

    It’s really amusing that you happened to use Ib for the installed game on the home menu..
    When I saw it, Ib was my first thought, I think.
    I went to Ib’s Wikipedia page after seeing it was for RPG Maker 2000/2003, and felt happy, because Ib was made using 2000. It made me feel happy, thinking that because you did this, I would be able to beat Ib another time, the 11th counted, and now on my 3DS.

    I think I’ll have a new 3DS soon, so less lag if there is a lot.
    Thank you so much.. I hope I’ll be able to “install”(?) Ib to my home menu, like the person who showed that example, but if I won’t be.. I’ll still think this is cool, I think.
    I looked some stuff up about Yume Nikki, seeing that familiar name once again. A game. A horror game.
    Maybe I’ll play that, on my 3DS, because of who contributed.
    Wow, I am talking so much. I sure do love talking about Ib.
    I’ll abruptly stop now, like the end of a certain, “unfortunate” book series.
    But, thanks.

  3. I need help with Yume Nikki

    The instructions said that with the 9 I wake up, but when I press the 9 in the Touch Screen nothing happens…I have the spanish version of the game

  4. Uh… doesn’t the english translation of OFF (by Mortis Ghost) need some fonts installed? I want to play Off on my 2ds (uses same hardware as 3ds fyi so i have homebrew) but i am not sure about the fonts…

  5. Hey!
    When I try to run EasyRPG Player via Homebrew Launcher, a message appears saying that the selected application needs a title that isn’t installed yet.
    Does anybody know what I`m doing wrong?

    1. Nevermind.
      I already fixed this issue. It seems that the Problem was the boot.3dsx file.
      I had to use an older Version of this file to get EasyRPG Player working.
      Now everything works as it should, except for Mother: Cognitive Dissonance and Yume2kki,
      who both freeze upon launching.
      It seems like both games are too big (over 800 MB each) to run them.
      Is there any other way to get them running?

      1. Did you find a solution for this? I was going to get home-brew and EasyRPG on my 3DS just so I could play Mother CogDis ):

  6. Hey, I’m having some trouble. I installed the .cia and can play some games pretty well (Yume Nikki works fine except for the bug mentioned above so I’ll just wait for the fix, and OFF works perfectly except the title screen audio is weird and the battle sfx usually repeat a few times but it’s playable), but this other game, Embric of Wulfhammer, gets a good way through the intro sequence until it freezes and says: “Error: Couldn’t create 288×256 image.” You can download it at; I used the deluxe 7-Zip Archive version. I googled the error and, while a lot of it went over my head, I think I got that I should try the 3dsx version. Only thing is, I can’t figure out how to install it; the guide both here and at the download section are too vague. I don’t have a /3dsx folder anywhere on my sd card. I do have the /easyrpg-player folder in 3ds, but I thought that was where the cia searched for files. I used to have just homebrew launcher on this 3DS before I bought a flashcart and went full CFW, but the former was quite a while ago and I don’t remember everything about it. There are a whole bunch of other .3dsx files in the /3ds folder so I figured that meant they were meant to go there, but it’s honestly pretty messy in there already and with all the stuff in the download, I’m hesitant to just copy and paste.
    I intend to download the Windows version of easyrpg player and test the original error as this page says once I have the chance, but since I was also having trouble with the other thing, I figured it would be best to tell everything about what I’m having trouble with. Thank you in advance; this port is a blessing.

    1. Hi, the “Error: Couldn’t create X×Y image.” is due to insufficient memory issues. Unfortunately this can’t be fixed for some memory hungry games (large database, large maps, lots of events or lots of pictures) unless some big optimization is implemented.

  7. Hello, i start using this player for my 3ds, and its great, im already playing Yume Nikki and time travel, but i have a problem
    i tried to play “OneShot”, but it need his own RTP, i already download it, but where i have to put it?
    (sorry if my english is bad, i only know spanish)
    great work and thank you

  8. I’m having some problem. When I try to run the EasyRPG it says: No games found in the current directory, but it has games already. I don’t know what to do

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