Crowdsourcing unknown savegame data

In order to allow proper saving/loading of games in EasyRPG we must support the RPG Makers save format (LSD).

Many of the data defined in the savegame is already figured out (because it maps to the LDB Database) but there is also a lot of temporary runtime data that is still unknown (but important to load the game correctly).

Now we ask you to help us figuring out the unknown data. What you have to do? Alter some data in the savegame, load it, see a change, report the change.

To make editing the save a bit easier we provide a tool for you: lsd2xml
It allows you to convert LSD files to a bit better readable XML files (you can open them with any text editor).

How to use it:
LSD2XML: Converts LSD files to XML. Just start the program, enter the id of your savegame (from 1 to 15) and press enter. It creates a Save[id].xml for you.
XML2LSD: Converts XML files to LSD. Same as the other one, but it takes a Save[id].xml and outputs the Save[id].lsd, so you can load it again via RPG_RT (which is kinda useful, you know :))
Both programs also support command line arguments, just pass a value from 1-15 as the first argument.

What you have to do:
When you open the XML file you will see a lot of sections starting with <unknown_…>. The value between the opening and the closing tag (often -1) is the unknown value. Change the value and then convert it back to LSD. Now try to see a difference (by loading it with RPG_RT, not EasyRpg Player) and report it to us (post the tag, the value you used and the purposes of the tag).
Another way is to create two savegames (at different times of course) and then compare the values in the save (there are also graphical diff tools for such purposes). This is maybe useful if you try to see if some events alter unknown data.

Example for a post:
[SavePartyLocation][unknown_25]: Movement Speed
[SavePartyLocation][unknown_2a] = 1: blocks movement
(Just figured these two values out, rest is your job)

Oh and sorry for only providing Windows versions of the program, but to run RPG_RT you need Wine under Linux anyway. ;)

Update (January 2013):
To run this under Windows XP you have to install Service Pack 2 (this was released 2004, please update your system). Does not run on Windows 2000 or older.

Update (May 2016):
lsd2xml has been replaced by a generic tool that can convert all lcf data to xml and vice versa: lcf2xml. It can run under Windows, Linux and probably other platforms and is available in our Tools Download section.The main difference is, that it has no GUI anymore, but can be used by drag’n’dropping a file on it.

Problems with PSP Build

Today a user with a PSP was in our IRC chat channel. So we were able to do a few tests and our result is: The build is somehow broken.

To create the PSP builds we are using a server which automatically compiles the source for us and then publishes a binary (you can find them on our jenkins server). Now the problem is: The code compiles fine but on the PSP the program does not start.

But no active dev is having a PSP for testing (and JPCSP, the emulator, fails to run it) so we can’t find the reason for this.

So we need somebody who knows how to program PSP homebrew and has knowledge of C++. If you know all of this please contact us!
(Issue on github)

The problem seams to be related with the EBOOT.PBP file, not with our code. With an older file it boots (plays music but no visuals displayed)…

Another Update:
It’s a problem with the toolchain. With an old EBOOT:PBP file the graphic renders sometimes (and music plays)…
See also the forum post.

May progress report

The last report is already 3 months old, so it’s time for a new progress report, to show, that the project is not dead ;).

The devteam is currently busy with other stuff, that’s the reason for the development slowdown since the last months.

Changes since the last news post:

  • Binary and Xml Read/Write support for all Rpg Maker formats; most work was by glynnc
  • Because of the first point it’s “soon” possible to load and save games. Their are still some problems (e.g. games saved by easyrpg cause blackscreen in rpg_rt) to investigate before this is in a usable state.
  • Proper timestamp (time when the game was saved) calculation that is consistent with the one from rpg_rt was added by takecheeze
  • rikku2000 added a Makefile to compile for GPH-devices like GP2xWin and Cannoo; no idea how good this works, have fun trying ;)
  • The Psp build was updated by takecheeze and compiles again
  • And fdelapena was so kind to update the codelite project so you can compile the linux version now with a graphical interface :)
  • OpenRTP Project: The user andwhyisit submitted free system and system2 graphics, in the screenshot below you can see his royal theme.

Time for the Alpha

Hello everybody,

as usual its time for the “progress log”.

If you dont care scroll down and download the alpha ;).

For End Users:
Weather effects [glynnc]
Move command improvments [ghabry, glynnc]
Shop scene improvments [ghabry, glynnc, niltonpd]
Bugfixes in Tilemap code [glynnc]
Game interpreter optimizations/fixes [ghabry, zhek]
Unicode support [ghabry, glynnc]
XYZ support [glynnc]
Picture support [glynnc]
Fixes for 16bit rendering [glynnc, zhek]
PSP Port [zhek]
Fix Fullscreen and 320×240 (default resolution) [zhek]
Editor: All important Gui elements created [fdelapena]

Because of some missing features in SDL the new default renderer is now Pixman (xrender software fallback).

And there are of course again lots of fixes in the Event Interpreter. More and more games become playable.

For Developers:
Bitmap refactoring [glynnc]
SoftBitmap and PixmanBitmap classes [glynnc]
Sdl independent freetype class [glynnc]
utf8 fallback for systems without wchar [ghabry]
cmake support [takecheeze]
wip audio backend refactoring [zhek]

Missing features: No battle scene, no load or save, no vehicles, some menus are implemented in the Rpg2k-version only. Most of this isĀ  planned for the next alpha (or beta?).

Encoding: Because the old Rpg Maker is not an unicode application you have to specify the encoding to play such games properly. Open the RPG_RT.ini in your game folder and create a new section:


Instead of “codepage” you have to write the codepage number, thats 1251 for cyrillic and 932 (shift jis) for japanese. Note that some fonts dont have the required glyphs. For japanese support you have to put the file msgothic.ttc in the Font directory.

Reporting problems: When the windows version crashes it creates a crash dump file in the same directory. You can send it to us for further analysis (together with a short note what you did).

Video (PSP version)

Thanks for reading. And now have fun :).