Player2 -> Player and more

Old Player code is dropped. Now the Player2 is the new Player name. Now the svn repository is cleaner.

Other feature highlights form last code submissions:

Font gradient support. Font shadow support. Char by char rendering in TextDraw. System colors support. Partial EXFONT glyph support using $A-$Z $a-$z (not shadowed yet). [ghabry]
Improved 2x zoom and full screen. Now is faster and not using sdl_gfx for resize. Fixed initial high cpu usage. [vgvgf]
Implemented fade in / fade out transitions. [paulo_v]
Title scene textbox animation. [paulo_v]
Menu scene window implementation, implemented window_gold, show face graphic and name. [ghabry]
Fixed problems with keyboard handling and some segfaults. [ghabry]
GTK+ modal message dialogs for errors (GNU/Linux port). [fdelapena]

And a lot of bugfixes and new class stubs.

3 thoughts on “Player2 -> Player and more”

  1. Arriba Comunidad RPG Maker!
    Abajo Easy-rpg blog! Jajaja.

    Hablando en serio, que pasará con el Foro?
    Y lo otro, que hace diferente EasyRPG Maker con RPG Maker 2k3?

    1. Borra el caché del navegador y te aparecerá la web.

      EasyRPG es diferente en que es libre y multiplataforma, pudiendo llevar tus juegos a otros sistemas distintos de windows (gnu/linux, mac, videoconsolas, teléfonos…)

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