Experimental build of EasyRPG Editor for Windows

EasyRPG Editor is being made using cross platform components, it could be run at least on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Now you can test the first version built for Windows.

This build is far from being complete, it’s just a platform preview to demonstrate it can be on systems different than GNU/Linux.

Download EasyRPG Editor for Windows

You can open sample_game.rproject from the sample_game folder and load maps into the editor. Most dialog windows are not finished yet. Paint tool (pen) only paints one step each click. Editor will crash when closing project or when selecting the root element of the map tree. These crashes has been fixed already but not in this build.

EasyRPG Editor screen shot on Windows 7

EasyRPG Editor screen shot on GNOME 3.6

Mid 2012 “we’re alive” report

Hi all. We apologize for the lack of updates last 6 months.

We’re busier than ever, even to write this. So, let’s see what’s new since the end of 2011:


  • Moved upstream code to GitHub. [Falc]
  • Added Jenkins build automation system. [take-cheeze]
  • Made optional most CMake build requirements. [take-cheeze, fdelapena]
  • Added GNU build system, to (cross-)compile with ./configure and make. [fdelapena]
  • Wiki documentation updates, add README files. [fdelapena]

EasyRPG Readers:

  • Created python script to (re)generate reader structure with CSV files. [glynnc]

EasyRPG Player:

  • Emulation bug fixes. [Ghabry]
  • Automated nightly builds for PSP and Linux (32 bit). [take-cheeze]

EasyRPG Editor:

  • Initial painting tool. [Elektranox, Falc]
  • Code rewrite. [Falc]

EasyRPG TestGame:

  • Added more image and screen related operations. [elsemieni]
  • Added more tests and RPG_RT.exe stub. [Ghabry]

Things on the way (not in upstream master branch yet):

  • Player: Add debugger (F9 screen). [Ghabry]
  • Web: New end user website. [Falc, fdelapena]
  • Editor: Improve painting tool and major code rewrite. [Falc]
  • Player: Android port. [fdelapena]
  • TestGame: Make it RTP aware, separate 2000 and 2003 projects. [fdelapena]

Wanna help? Contact us via blog comments, forums, or IRC channel.

Editor map rendering

Map rendering is almost completed. The autotiles are not implemented yet, so at the moment they are drawn as normal tiles.

When switching between layers, some tiles are partially hidden in order to highlight those that are drawn on the selected layer. The event layer shows all the tiles and enables a grid.

The map can be displayed at different scales. Scrolling works correctly.

The map size limit is 500×500 tiles, as in RPG Maker. Huge maps do not need a lot of memory. The memory usage remains below 20 MB at the moment.