Mid 2012 “we’re alive” report

Hi all. We apologize for the lack of updates last 6 months.

We’re busier than ever, even to write this. So, let’s see what’s new since the end of 2011:


  • Moved upstream code to GitHub. [Falc]
  • Added Jenkins build automation system. [take-cheeze]
  • Made optional most CMake build requirements. [take-cheeze, fdelapena]
  • Added GNU build system, to (cross-)compile with ./configure and make. [fdelapena]
  • Wiki documentation updates, add README files. [fdelapena]

EasyRPG Readers:

  • Created python script to (re)generate reader structure with CSV files. [glynnc]

EasyRPG Player:

  • Emulation bug fixes. [Ghabry]
  • Automated nightly builds for PSP and Linux (32 bit). [take-cheeze]

EasyRPG Editor:

  • Initial painting tool. [Elektranox, Falc]
  • Code rewrite. [Falc]

EasyRPG TestGame:

  • Added more image and screen related operations. [elsemieni]
  • Added more tests and RPG_RT.exe stub. [Ghabry]

Things on the way (not in upstream master branch yet):

  • Player: Add debugger (F9 screen). [Ghabry]
  • Web: New end user website. [Falc, fdelapena]
  • Editor: Improve painting tool and major code rewrite. [Falc]
  • Player: Android port. [fdelapena]
  • TestGame: Make it RTP aware, separate 2000 and 2003 projects. [fdelapena]

Wanna help? Contact us via blog comments, forums, or IRC channel.

18 thoughts on “Mid 2012 “we’re alive” report”

  1. hello! good to see some news! XD
    I have just one thing to ask: are you guys still developing the wii player? thanks

      1. thanks for the link but it crashes only my psp. which firmware should i use? i have 6.60 Pro-C

        1. You need to follow some extra instructions:

          1: RTP data (look the /data/RTP/ instructions)
          2: Font DejaVu file in Font/ folder. Get it from here:
          3: Maybe Timidity is still required to prevent crash:

          If you still get any crash message, please report which message do you see.

          All links and instructions need to be updated. I’m working on it.

          1. i have done all of this but it doesn´t work. can you please make me a symple game with the nightly build that works on your psp?

              1. I have tried it with the test game: it doesn´t work. black screen and psp turn of after a few seconds

  2. Great, this is exciting! Especially with a remake of “Unterwegs in Düsterburg” around :) Now in English too!

  3. Wonderful news. There aren’t much of those “feature” news, but what has been made in these time is a lot of good stuff. Nice to see the project grow, maybe after a lot more of these structural changes, we will start to get that other kind of news that most of people love hoho!

    Orochii Zouveleki

    1. I don’t know but it seems to be broken. Older reports said 6.xx is not working fine. Could you try with 5.xx instead?

      By the way, it does not work jpcsp emulator.

    2. I’ve made a new EBOOT.PBP build, please download again (new version has bigger file size) and tell me if it shows the EasyRPG logo.

      1. Tried with 6.60 Pro-C and 5.00 M33:
        Game could not be started (Error 80020148)
        Tested with the new version.

        1. Thank you for the feedback, we’ll need to sign eboot.pbp later but you can do it by yourself for now with a psp homebrew signer. There are a few if you search on the net. Please try in the meanwhile and give us feedback.

            1. I don’t know the reason, we don’t have a PSP to do continuous tests, I’ll be working on the Android port. Maybe there is a shared problem, but the PC version is running fine. A PSP port maintainer will be needed.

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