Problems with PSP Build

Today a user with a PSP was in our IRC chat channel. So we were able to do a few tests and our result is: The build is somehow broken.

To create the PSP builds we are using a server which automatically compiles the source for us and then publishes a binary (you can find them on our jenkins server). Now the problem is: The code compiles fine but on the PSP the program does not start.

But no active dev is having a PSP for testing (and JPCSP, the emulator, fails to run it) so we can’t find the reason for this.

So we need somebody who knows how to program PSP homebrew and has knowledge of C++. If you know all of this please contact us!
(Issue on github)

The problem seams to be related with the EBOOT.PBP file, not with our code. With an older file it boots (plays music but no visuals displayed)…

Another Update:
It’s a problem with the toolchain. With an old EBOOT:PBP file the graphic renders sometimes (and music plays)…
See also the forum post.

8 thoughts on “Problems with PSP Build”

    1. @luiz
      Because all plattforms (Windows, Linux, PSP, Wii, …) use the same code base (with only minor plattform specific changes) they all have the same compatibility.

      So, basicly we “only” have to setup a build job like the one for PSP and then you can always download a fresh wii nightly build.

      It’s actually planned to add more plattforms to the build jobs in the next weeks. We will make a blog post when they are ready. Not sure if Wii will be included but it’s likely.

  1. I want to help you but i don´t know where i can find your irc channel^^. You can contact me by skype if you want. but i am german and my english isn´t very good. if you have a german developer, …. you know what i mean^^
    Skype Name is thedarkmessiha (attention! as i have written!)

  2. When you enter the blog you can see a link list on the right. The first says “#easyrpg on Libera Chat”. Thats our IRC channel.
    German is no problem, at least for me. Just send me a message in irc (but please not today, too busy).

    1. According to the FAQ it costs 99$ per year and you can not distribute free software over it (only payed content).
      And I guess our license is not compatible with the SDK.

  3. I have tried the newest build today and it doens´t work. Is there someone who get it to work on psp?

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