Windows & Wii Nightly Build for Player

From now on you can get precompiled Windows and Wii binaries for the latest  changes on EasyRPG Player via our jenkins server.


System requirements: XP SP2 or newer
All files are compiled using the Visual Studio 2010 compiler, 32 bit, release mode (under Linux using Wine :))


You need a way to execute homebrew. To hear midi music you have to extract timidity in /data/timidity/ (of your sd or usb root). The RTP (RPG Maker 2000/2003 Runtime Package) should be placed in /data/rtp/2000 and /data/rtp/2003

Besides Wii & Windows our jenkins server is also building versions targetting other plattforms by the way. Besides hardware limitations all versions should have the same compatibility, they all use the same codebase.

Note that this is only a service for the community to make testing for non-developers easier. Don’t expect that the games run error free. Save/Load are still incomplete and no battle system is implemented.

36 thoughts on “Windows & Wii Nightly Build for Player”

  1. I was doing last minutes some maintenance, I hope there won’t be more Jenkins reboots, so 503 is no more :)

    1. Can you tell me the name of the game? Player goes ingame here for “EasyRPG Testgame” and “Vampires Dawn”.
      The corrupted graphics could be because of missing RTP, do you have 2000 and 2003 RTP installed?
      Or do you mean game loading via the Load Menu? I’m currently working on the load functionality, it’s not really implemented yet.

        1. Player bugs can be reported at

          We know that many stuff is not implemented but if you have anything critical to report you can create a new issue there.

          Just started your game: Yes, Loading screen crashes with the assertion error. And “Homme” and “Femme” are swapped (this one is strange ^^). And after entering the name, player hangs.

          1. Ok!
            This one is not a bug, it’s random,a way to have no “default sex” (guess I’m afraid of feminist protesters) : )

            Anyways it’s really nice to see a new version after all this time, so relieved to see the project still going, bon courage.

  2. I haven’t tried it yet but I hope to be able to Play my Dragon Quest + on it. Does is support movies and Mp3?

    Anyway, good job and I hope for the best. Many are awaiting the near perfection of the wii version. But do you think you’ll have better luck on wii U?

    1. Hi Ljink,
      Movie support has not been implemented yet. About MP3 support I’m not sure. But Wii port had some issues with audio mixing speed, playing sounds faster.

      About Wii U support I don’t know the future of homebrew for it, we should have a SDL port first for this platform.

  3. You guys are too smart. I don’t even know what a SDL mixer is. Anyway, don’t give up. I cannot wait until it’s in its prime. I wish you all good luck!

    1. Port was made but it gets segmentation fault when booting. Same luck with PSP port. I’ll include Android NDK config file to the repository anyways, if any Android power user wants to try itself.

  4. On my Wii appears the error message:
    Error: Couldn’t find database file???

    Can you specify the correct structure on wii??

  5. I’d like to know also. It keeps saying Error, can’t find Database blah blah. Where is everything supposed to go?

  6. Okay, I just need to know where everything goes. Does the actual game file go in the apps directory or just the database files? Does the game files stay on the root of the wait… is this USB supported? If so that’s what I’m using. So the Tile Set, Picture, Maps and all that, do they go in the Apps/Easyrpg or on the root in a different folder. The guide is very vague.

    1. Same as on the PC: RPG_RT.exe is in the same directory as the game.

      Lets say you have game “SomeGame” then the directory strucutre is:
      /apps/somegame/ <-- whole game here, together with boot.dol USB is supported.

        1. Correct. :)

          (A frontend will be added in the next months to make game selection easier ^^)

  7. Okay, sorry if I seem bothersome but it keeps telling me that it can’t load Title/LogoIII.bmp which is a title screen of the game that isn’t in use. Even if I delete it it still shows it.

      1. Looks like the Wii build is broken. We don’t test the automatically compiled ports.

        I suggest that you wait until a fixed Wii build is released… (can’t tell you when this will happen)

        You can also test your game with the e.g. Windows/Linux/MacOS player build. It has the same compatibility as the Wii build (when the build got fixed)

        1. Well ya see, my PC is living off a Knoppix Live CD(Long Story) so I can’t really do that. I could remaster the disc with Wine which would allow me to execute windows files but I’m not in the position to do that either.

          Once again, sorry to be so dang bothersome but do you guys have a deprecated download? Do you guys have the r1110 download availiable? I saw vampire’s dawn running on it years ago. If you can’t don’t bother yourself. The guys over at Dragon Quest HQ wanted me to find a way to port my game to Wii Homebrew but I told them that that would be impossible for me but I mentioned EasyRPG and they were psyched for the game. I just need something to show them. Not trying to sound like a suckup but when I get employment I’ll be sure to send you guys something every once in a while if it would speed up development. You can quote me on that.:D Thanks for your help.

            1. Yeah, sure thing. I’ll check it out. Thanks, I’ll get back to you tomorrow when my brother isn’t playing smash bros.

            2. Well, now it doesn’t even recognize the database file, the screen turns black and basically tells me to leave. I just copied and pasted the boot.dol to overwrite the old one. If you guys haven’t gotten a stable build I’ll just wait until that’s accomplished. Unless you feel like recompiling another one…?

              1. Okay you are lucky ;).
                One final final test (this is really the last!):
                wii test 2.
                Please extract ALL files in the archive on your sd/usb.

                The builds are a a shot in the dark. Because I have no access to a wii before the weekend, so I’m using Dolphin Emulator at the moment (and an emulated SD card, USB not supported).

                The Player writes an easyrpg_log.txt file now btw (probably in the /apps/player dir) maybe this contains some more hints what went wrong.

                1. Sorry for the horrible video quality. Welp, here’s the report. Progress has been made over the first one. I tested Generica and this was as far as I got.


                  This was farther than I’ve ever gotten:D I was so happy until…

                  It’s basically saying that it couldn’t load map3 because for some reason it was an invalid RPGm2000 map. I also tried another game, Dragon Quest +, in which it said that the BMP image shown at the title screen was invalid. So, it’s definitely a better one than the last one but I know it’ll get better.

                  If you said you can’t test it until the weekend the by all means do so. And if you’ve got stuff to do on the weekend I understand that you have a life outside of this:D Get back to me when you can. Now that I’ve seen this in action I can honestly say that this is a really ambitious project, keep it up.

    1. Hm wasnt notified about that comment, sry.

      Okay have now tested it by myself on my Wii here. Here is the latest version:
      Wii latest
      mp3s have the wrong speed (library problem, not our fault), rest works…

      For midi sound get this file. timidity.cfg (and instruments folder) must be in the same folder as boot.dol.

      This will be the last custom build. The next ones are automatic ones by our jenkins service but not in the next weeks.
      We prepare the 0.1 release at the moment and only add code that is on our Todo list for 0.1. Wii support isn’t.

      The Wii build is currently unofficial, so without any support. If you encounter bugs make sure that they also occur on the latest Windows or Linux or MacOS builds (yes I know that you only use a LiveCD) or wait until the Wii build is provided by jenkins again.

      1. Oh man, still invalid BMP for Dragon Quest + and invalid map for Generica. I’ll just wait for the official version I guess. Or I’ll test some other games. I’ll be patient.

  8. Oh, Don’t worry about it. It’s my game’s fault. I’ve tried all sorts of other games. If saves become introduced then CBS games will be near perfect! Good job!

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