Caanoo Nightly Build for Player

Thanks to Rikku2000 we are able to extend our range of precompiled player binaries with a new target:

The Caanoo. That’s an open source handheld, based on Linux. You probably never heard about it, in that case you should check out our other player binaries.

To hear midi music you have to extract timidity into the same folder as easyrpg.ini. The same applies to the RTP (RPG Maker 2000/2003 Runtime Package), these should be placed in “data/rtp/2000” and “data/rtp/2003”.

You will also need the Font Package, place the Font folder in the same directory as the Player (thats the directory of the RPG maker game you want to run)

Note that this is only a service for the community to make testing for non-developers easier. Don’t expect that the games run error free. Save/Load are still incomplete and no battle system is implemented.

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