EasyRPG Player 0.2 “Alex”

Only 5 months behind schedule we are glad to announce the next stable release: Version 0.2

This version is named after everyones favourite hero “Alex”.

What is new for users?

As already stated in the Android post in December, SDL2 is used now. The major differences you will notice is that you can play now in fullscreen mode without having resolution changes, so all graphics are perfectly sharp and pixelated now :).

The Android port is now also distributed via the Google Play Store. The account is managed by our developer lobomon. Because the updates are uploaded by hand and are verified everytime by Google before publishing the releases are usually some days behind. You can find more up-to-date ones on our website in the download section.

Battle System (and random encounters) for RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 (#218) with some limitations:

  • Only traditional battle style supported for RPG2k3
  • Battle event interpreter not well tested
  • Conditions (Poison, Sleep, …) unsupported
  • Some battle commands unsupported (you get a warning in that case)
RPG Maker 2000 Battle System
RPG Maker 2000 Battle System
RPG Maker 2003 Battle System
RPG Maker 2003 Battle System

Support for saving and loading (#186). The files are written in the LSD format. In theory they are compatible with the original RPG_RT. Because the LSD-format is not fully understood yet, not all data is saved/loaded yet (we support ~75% of the data), but should be good enough for most cases. As a side effect the arbitrary 50 pictures limit was removed.

All missing move commands implemented (diagonal movement and jumping). Further more some issues with incorrect passability checks (Whether you can (not) walk on a tile) were fixed and the movement frequency is now more accurate when compared with RPG_RT (#224).

Support for half-width cyrillic fonts in our built in font “shinonome” (#216).

Russian language support (old: left, new: right)
Russian language support (old: left, new: right)

Support for command line arguments (See wiki page for further details, #225).

The game title is now read from the RPG_RT.ini and displayed in the title bar (#52).

When returning to the title scene (via End Game or F12) some data was not reset (#192).

In TestPlay mode pressing F11 opens the save scene.

The annoying, game blocking warnings messages are replaced with a quake-like drop down console and therefore don’t halt the game anymore. As a side effect you get full unicode support in the messages (e.g. for asian languages). (#193).

New output
New output

What is new for developers?

Readers was renamed to liblcf and relicensed to MIT license.

Improvements in the build system. The Player and liblcf should compile on more linux distributions now.

The makefiles for the PSP (Playstation Portable) build were removed. Nobody contacted us in the last years to maintain the (broken) PSP build.

Anything else?

Yepp. MarianoGNU is working on a new editor called “Editor-Qt“. It is making good progress but is Not really in a usable state yet, but you can grab the Windows binary from our jenkins system. The Linux version will be released later.

Editor Qt
Editor Qt
Editor Qt Database
Editor Qt Database

Gameplay Video: Battle system on Android

10 thoughts on “EasyRPG Player 0.2 “Alex””

  1. I find it very sad that this project isnt continued on the PSP, especially since it could also be ported to the Vita later.
    I do hope you have not forsaken these two devieces, and maybe you can make a 3DS version too.

    1. Unfortunately none of us has a PSP device to check which was failing on them (black screen) for proper debugging. We are open to any help with these devices to recover the port maintenance and automate the eboot.pbp PSP image building, as we have currently for Android and Wii.

  2. Amazing news, I’ll check it out with the time. Ah, BTW, I’m going starting working again on the RTP very soon, I had a lot… of problems, but I’m solving one by one steadly-

  3. Good job!
    I am a “Traditional chinese” RPG Maker user.

    for encoding = 950, some text are missing in the message in this 0.2 version.
    The Transparency value of picture did not work in this version. The midi speed is become to double.
    The file can be saved but it can’t be reload and hang up.

    Please don’t forget that that is a great job for RPG MAKER Work in the android.
    I am looking forward the new version.

    1. Thank you JUSTINE for your report!

      We are aware about the Traditional Chinese issue, as most Chinese glyphs are not added yet to the embedded font (only shared glyphs used by Japanese). We are working to solve this to make it work with Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Current report: https://github.com/EasyRPG/Player/issues/260

      The transparency issue has been fixed for the next version at https://github.com/Zegeri/Player/commit/28e98ad54173d9a7ab9edd885224430928f8fb98

      The MIDI tempo issue is a SDL_mixer 2.0.0 problem and fixed at https://hg.libsdl.org/SDL_mixer/rev/8ef083375857 but SDL_mixer 2.0.1 has not been released yet. We could build SDL_mixer from hg to get a fixed version for Android.

      Savegames are not completed, but if it crashes on loading we will investigate to fix it when trying your game.

  4. Great news !
    I’ve tested on android but Don’s Adventure (I don’t know if it was distributed in english comunity) doesn’t work since the begining when the cat jump on Don. And “The Way” has a problem at launching…
    But the basis are here, I suppose this is just a matter of fixes ^^.

    Have a nice dev’ !

    1. We need a person with a PSP to help us with testing. Could you help us with this? Please join the live chat from the links section of this block and say you have a PSP for tests. We’ll attend as soon we can.

  5. Hello I assume this is RPGMAKER2003 Emulator.

    First of all it works great Except that its really unstable during battles, I mean the enemies don’t attack at all and you cannot attack either, so it completely removes the challenge (in PC, you can attack and the enemies attack you). I downloaded it from playstore so I cannot be sure if this is the up to date version.

    Any way please keep updating this.

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