Android version of 0.2.2 now available

We just want to announce that the Android version of our latest release is now available. There were some issues after updating the libraries we used for the project that needed a while to get resolved. But now you can finally enjoy the updated version on your device

If you don’t already have it you can simply install it via the Play Store. In case you dislike Google get the APK from our download section.

For all new features see our previous blog post.

One of the most anticipated features – support for additional buttons like the number keys – is still not available. We are aware that this is important for many games.

5 thoughts on “Android version of 0.2.2 now available”

  1. Great news ! The app work fine with my Nexus 5 (Android 5.0), you’re doing an amazing work !

  2. Is there any way to hide the virtual buttons on android. I have an android handheld with physical buttons so it’d be nice to be able to do this.

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