Second half november report

Last two weeks were intense, as the first half. There are new features and bug fixes from the dev team to show us. Remember if you want to contribute or take part of the project (coding, audio, graphics…) you can reach us in #easyrpg at or by the forums.

The cool stuff for developers:

The RPG Maker 2000/2003 readers code is now separated from the Player code. Now Readers is a static library, intended for sharing with Editor, too. [vgvgf]

More code cleanup and refactor, thinking on SDL as an option between other possible backends. Also a lot of bugfixes, including several memory leaks, reader fixes or performance improvements. [vgvgf]

RPG Maker Test Suite now features more event command tests in more map rooms. [EN.I]

Now Editor and Player can be developed from Mac OS X using CodeLite. Tested with 10.6 Snow Leopard and targeted by default with 32 bit wxWidgets (brings with default development kit) and 64 bit SDL libraries (macports). CodeLite generates the application bundle and runs from the IDE. [fdelapena]

The cool stuff for end users:

Game interpreter is implementing more stuff. It means more event related support. Automatic event execution is working now. [Zhek]

The lead party character is now rendered on map. Now checks if the terrain is passable. Event characters are rendered on map, too: [vgvgf]

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