Christmas and end year report

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What’s new for end users:

Equip, logo, end scenes, move command reading, generic error dialog [ghabry]
Wait command, save access, teleport command, automatic and parallel events, push and on touch triggering, GameOver scene, music on map and end scenes, Dingoo A320 Dingux port [niltonpd]
21 more transitions [vgvgf]
PSP port [zhek]
Command line arguments [fdelapena]
EXFONT replacement [filosofiamanga]
2003 BattleCommand and Timer2 reading [glynnc]

What’s new for developers:
Bitmap refactor to separate SDL, [vgvgf]
Scenes refactor to match RGSS2 [ghabry]
Multiple memory leak fixes [zhek]
Editor refactor to separate GUI code [fdelapena]

3 thoughts on “Christmas and end year report”

  1. Where can i download the plugin?? when i first download this plugin my game couldn’t start on my PSP. t’s nice to see that this project is running again *.* it’s my dream to be able to play my game on PSP and share it with my friends *.*

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