What is new, 2011?

For End Users:
Support for Window_Message (the MessageBox) and related commands [ghabry]
Interpreting many more events [glynnc]
Add GameOver and Title Scene calling [niltonpd]
Enter Hero Name scene [glynnc]
Shop scene [glynnc]
Inn support [glynnc]
Fix Touch events and character drawing [ghabry]
Center Player window on startup under Windows [zhek]
Many free MIDI files replacing the copyrighted ones [Juan Manuel]

For Developers:
Add missing chunks to reader lib [glynnc]
Work on savegame reader started [glynnc]
Refactor Audio to make it SDL-independent [ghabry]
Added more tests to the testmap [ghabry, fdelapena]
More SDL refactoring [vgvgf]
Replace Scene handler with a Stack machine, allows more flexible scene switching [ghabry]
Editor: submitted code refactor of event commands (page 1/3) [fdelapena]

And fixed a bunch of important gameplay related bugs. Now games are playable. Player is gaining alpha status again. A lot more stable than old player version (before code refactor).

8 thoughts on “What is new, 2011?”

  1. Proof that RM2k/3 isn’t dead!

    Keep up the great work. I’d love to port my project to a mobile platform.

  2. I am so proud of you, I left the project 2 years ago and since then things have change for good, congratulations for make it posible.
    One of this days I will take the new code and give you a NEW an totally COOL Battle System.

  3. Holy shit! Do battles work already? Will you port to the Pandora as well? (www.openpandora.org )

  4. Battle scene is not implemented yet,
    I have a Pandora, so I can test port. I’ll publish a .pnd file test soon.

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