Planned downtime for server move (done)

While we’re preparing new project improvements, we will do a server move to a new provider.

Server move will provide own IP address for, so we will run under SSL for secure browsing for all services (blog, wiki, tracker, forums…) using HTTPS.

Connectivity will be gigabit, bringing faster navigation and downloads.

Downtime will be this week, our prevision is to complete server move before end of month.
Once done, fresh news will follow this November

5 thoughts on “Planned downtime for server move (done)”

  1. Im waiting for november!!!^^ :)

    I hope that there is more news then :)

    Btw it is possible to play through a game completely (Vampires Dawn 1 & 2) for example? Or is the interpreter missing some things still?

  2. Hi!

    Player still lacks full battle implementation (including battle animations), is the most notable part pending to do.

    Other things are mostly working, with bugs or missing small parts.

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