May progress report

The last report is already 3 months old, so it’s time for a new progress report, to show, that the project is not dead ;).

The devteam is currently busy with other stuff, that’s the reason for the development slowdown since the last months.

Changes since the last news post:

  • Binary and Xml Read/Write support for all Rpg Maker formats; most work was by glynnc
  • Because of the first point it’s “soon” possible to load and save games. Their are still some problems (e.g. games saved by easyrpg cause blackscreen in rpg_rt) to investigate before this is in a usable state.
  • Proper timestamp (time when the game was saved) calculation that is consistent with the one from rpg_rt was added by takecheeze
  • rikku2000 added a Makefile to compile for GPH-devices like GP2xWin and Cannoo; no idea how good this works, have fun trying ;)
  • The Psp build was updated by takecheeze and compiles again
  • And fdelapena was so kind to update the codelite project so you can compile the linux version now with a graphical interface :)
  • OpenRTP Project: The user andwhyisit submitted free system and system2 graphics, in the screenshot below you can see his royal theme.

26 thoughts on “May progress report”

  1. Hi, nice to hear that the project is improving.
    But I can not run on the PSP. = (
    Can lay out an example from the demo game?

  2. You have PSP running details in the past blog post. Which error message do you get?

    By the way, the royal system graphics replacement is from the “Don Miguel RTP extras”, not from the official RTP, but widely used in some RPG Maker games.

  3. I also tried to compile (earlier version too) for PSP and got a long error message. This is just the beginning of the log:
    ../../../readers/src/data.cpp:21:26: error: rpg_database.h: No such file or directory
    ../../../readers/src/data.cpp:22:18: data.h: No such file or directory
    ../../../readers/src/data.cpp:27: ‘RPG’ has not been declared

    There is a pre-compiled version in the directory. It loads, but the game doesn’t start like in the alpha. PSP just shuts down. Anyway, I am really interested in seeing how your project will develop. This might give me enough interest for creating my own RPG.

  4. Player is looking for the readers headers, you need to check if the headers include path is right.

  5. Yes I understand. The code is wrong.

    data.cpp says:
    #include “rpg_database.h”
    #include “data.h”

    –> should probably be

    Well, maybe team will fix the building issues for the next revision (current is 1480) or pre-compile a working EBOOT.

  6. No, is better to pass to the g++ compiler the parameter -I with the relative include path, something like -I../../readers/include
    Read the PSP Makefile in /builds folder, try to compile with it.

  7. Ok thanks! I think I am missing the required libraries then. I’ll try to look this issue a little more detail during weekend and find all the libraries that aren’t bundled with PSPSDK.

  8. It’s a problem with the makefile line:
    INCDIR = $(foreach dir,$(INCLUDES), -iquote $(CURDIR)/$(dir))

    you can change it for, for example:
    INCDIR = $(foreach dir,$(INCLUDES), “$(dir)”)

    That works for me.

    my problem is:
    ../../src/game_actor.cpp:31: error: ‘class RPG::Save’ no tiene un miembro llamado ‘party’

  9. Great, I hope this project will be a success after RPG-Genesis and R-PG failed! :/

    I dream of playing it on my android/ios phone! :)

  10. Simply wonderful. I just wish to have a couple of days entirely free of anything to make some graphics for it =D, just because I am pretty sure that when the thing is ready to use, I will change my projects to it >=D! So, not doing anything is not an option for me :P, I would feel guilty xDDDD.

    Spare me x’D, and good luck!!! I will be just deadly happy when ERPG is complete >=DDDDDDDDD,

  11. I strongly recomend(when possible) that the editor portion of this project have a feature that can compile an rm2k/3 game into a single standalone executable file.

  12. Well, a proposal is gamename.exe and, for example, gamename.dat (zip package) and use PhysicsFS to manage the package. With PhysicsFS we can seek stream data without doing non-portable games (just using another game binary executable in another platforms just by moving the game.dat). The new format could be a bunch of xml data and several media formats (png, ogg), all inside this zip. More info at the forums.

    There are free third party software to make “portable” apps, for example:

  13. Is there any chance to get an current executeable for Windows/Pandora? I can’t get it to compile since Alpha. D:

  14. You should have entered PSP Genesis with this project. This is really promising. I hope the team soon has time to continue the development. Nevertheless, nice to have your site back online.

  15. I don’t know because the player dev-team have been busy but some of them are going to continue the work in those console ports soon. We’ll see.

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