The new EasyRPG editor

This is the new EasyRPG editor, written in Vala and GTK+. It replaces the old C++/WxWidgets editor.

The development started in september, and at the moment it can:

  • Open and close EasyRPG projects (.rproject files)
  • Show the “about” dialog
  • Load the project maptree, keeping the tree-structure of the maps and allowing to reorder them through drag&drop.

5 thoughts on “The new EasyRPG editor”

  1. Yay, progress! Looking forward to it! How is the player going forward? I would love to play Unterwegs in Düsterburg on a mobile device! :)

  2. Hi, glynnc is doing some libreaders refactor and several fixes. SaveXX.lsd support has been improved.

  3. Any progress with Battles/Save working out?
    This would be a dream come true. Cheering you guys on from Canada lol

  4. I may be a Qt fan, but I don’t care what you write it, Vala and GTK3 are great.
    As long as the player stays SDL and awesome it’s cool.

    Got any installers/binaries?

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