Happy New Year 2013 Report

Welcome in 2013

Development is still going on. We actually plan to release a “stable” version (0.1) soon. Battle and Saving is still not really working but we fixed lots of bugs in the event interpreter, intro cutscene of Unterwegs in Düsterburg (quite popular game in Germany) works now.
Check out the video proof at the bottom of this post!


You can find all nightly builds as usual on our jenkins site.
Remember that these are automatic builds, so they are untested!

Pandora Port

Kazuki ported the EasyRPG Player to the Pandora console. You can find the port in the OpenPandora Repo.


This is a video to show the changes in the event interpreter. That video shows EasyRPG on the left and RPG_RT on the right. As you can see EasyRPGs simulation is still a bit away from being perfect, but the intro works :).

Download video

The cutscene plays by itself, no input is done. Audio is from Player.
The Black Screen at the start is for synchronisation purposes.

And no the PSP build is still broken, sorry for that.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013 Report”

  1. So I just stumbled upon all these projects and have to say they’re looking very cool. I hope I’ll be able to play Yume Nikki and its sequel once the PSP build is working again and, hopefully, on my iPod touch at some point in the future.

  2. Since Battles aren’t incorporated would it be possible to run battles if your game has a custom battle system? Like all the battles are processed through events. I’m thinking of doing a Custom battle system in my game so this might be a big plus then.

    1. Custom battle systems should work.

      But our final goal is being (nearly) 100% compatible with RPG2k and RPG2k3. So you can also use the normal battle system, this is currently worked on by one of our devs :)

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