EasyRPG Player “Pincer Attack – Patch 1”

Another release? You are not dreaming like Madotsuki – From now on we offer patches. They consist of cherry-picked improvements from our code base with the goal to provide fixes for crashes, regressions, security issues and minor new features faster. Don’t worry, there are no security related fixes, but we have now the ability to quickly publish one when this happens. With this new release model we gain more flexibility and improve your experience with our application.

Among the games with fixed issues are Vampires Dawn 2 and Yume2kki (ゆめ2っき). We are not aware of any game breaking bugs yet, the fixes are all cosmetic. The Wii port works again, in 0.6.2 the Player was stuck at the logo. As usual the detailed changelog is below.

The release cycle for our major releases (with the very long blog posts) will stay at 3 to 6 months. For bleeding-edge releases you can still use our Continuous builds or subscribe to the Android Beta program.

For package maintainers

This patch depends on liblcf 0.6.2, there is no new liblcf release. This way we keep the maintenance costs low because you only have to update the Player package.

Crash fixes

The Player does not crash anymore when certain broken/unsupported image files are loaded. It is unlikely that you encountered this bug because these images will fail to load in RPG_RT and close the program. (#2177)

Regressions fixed

We consider something a regression when it was working in a previous version of EasyRPG Player.

When the game used “..” in the filenames to traverse in a different path loading the file failed when the resulting path was the games root directory. This was used by the custom computer background feature of Yume2kki (ゆめ2っき). (#2176)

RPG Maker 2003 before the English release supports bottom and a top transparency for pictures. However in the last release we broke the handling of the RPG2k Show Picture command in RPG2k3. They occur when the game was created with RPG2k but later converted to RPG2k3. One of these games is Vampires Dawn 2. This wrong transparency is stored in savegames. To fix it completely you have to change the map once (#2178).

The Wii port was completely broken. (#2186)

Resting in the Inn when the Inn costs money works again. You get what you pay for. (#2212)

The wrong states were removed after a battle ended. (#2213)


The damage calculation of the Simulate Attack event command was incorrect. The zombies in the unreleased game Diablo Lab are now damaging the hero. (#2194)

The Eyes in the Crying Eyes Cave in Yume2kki (ゆめ2っき) were not updating properly due to a bug in our update logic for off-screen bitmaps. (#2204)

Move Routes

The algorithm for movement type “Random” matches now the RPG_RT algorithm. (#1638)

In the intro cutscene of the unreleased game Saint Seiya – Il Mito the event facing was incorrect. We are aware of multiple facing issues related to facing lock, but here we only fixed this specific case. Fixing all of them is too complex for a patch release. (#2193)


The variance value is now correctly applied in the damage calculation. (#2157)

The hit rate algorithm for physical attack is now correct. (#2215)

The screen flashes now in the RPG2k3 battle when a critical hit occurred. (#2215)


If an actor belonged to a class, the experience points were wrong after loading a savegame. (#2215)


Fixes for the Amiga build (uses now SDL2). (#2188)

Unit tests were broken in the release tarball because we forgot to include some files. (#2222)


Debug scene improvements (#2214)

  • Full Heal was broken and you had to reopen the scene under some conditions
  • Common events with a ID > 100 are now callable
  • Gold has now only 6 instead of 7 digits

For Developers

The requirement on SDL 2.0.5 is now enforced. Previously older versions of SDL2 were accepted but the compilation failed. (#2100)


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